Making Symbols Like Hearts on Twitter

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How To Make Symbols on Twitter

How To Make an Empty Heart ♡

To make an empty heart type & #9825; with no spaces between them and your empty heart will appear when you click "update".

How To Make a Heart Border ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Follw the instructions below to make a heart using the alternate key ALT 3. Then just keep putting ALT 3's in a row and it will make your border.

How To Make a Prim Heart ಌ

To make an prim heart type & #3212; with no spaces between them and your prim heart will appear when you click "update".

How To Make a Heart, Spade, Club, and Diamond ♥♠♣♦

To make a heart type & hearts ; with no spaces. For a spade you type & spades ; with no spaces. For a club you type & clubs ; with no space. For a diamond you type & diams ; with no spaces. That is a semi colon I am using. When you are typing in Twitter, type those 3 things with no spaces between them and your symbol will appear when you click "update".

How to Make Symbols Using ALT Keys

Cross and Happy Face

To make the cross and happy face you need to use alternate codes. You can find alternate code charts on the Internet if you do a search. To make an alternate code you have to use the numbers in the keypad over to the right of your computer keyboard. You can't use the numbers at the top of the keyboard. You also have to have the Number Lock on or Num Lock. Put the number lock on and a green light should appear on your keyboard. For the cross hold down the Alt key and keep holding it down then type 0134 and when you let up on the Alt key your cross shoud appear. For the happy face hold down the Alt key and keep holding it down and type 0220. When you let up on the Alt key your happy face should appear.

Other Symbols Using Alternate Keys

  • Smiley face Alt 1
  • Filled in Smiley Face Alt 2
  • Surprised Face Alt 0246
  • One musical note Alt 13
  • Two musical notes Alt 14
  • Sun Alt 15
  • Female Sign Alt 12
  • Male Sign Alt 11
  • Heart Alt 3

How To Put Your Picture on Twitter

Click on Settings and then click on Picture. Twitter would prefer that you put a picture of yourself on. You can choose any picture you have on your computer. Click on browse and find the picture you want and upload it to Twitter. Twitter will tell you when it has received your picture.

How To Crop Your Picture For Twitter

If you need to crop it, just right click on the picture you want and click on edit. It will automatically take you to MS Paint. At MS Paint go to edit at the top and click on it. Then click on paste. This will paste your picture on to the screen. You can do the right side and bottom of your picture first. Go the to bottom right corner of your picture, go to the exact corner. Sometimes you can even see a small dark blue dot there. Put your cursor right on that dot and kind of wiggle it around just a bit. You will see several different cursor symbols appear. You want the symbol that is line with the arrow at both ends of the line.When you see that line stop, then click and drag the corner to the position you want and release the mouse. Then go up to Image and click on Flip/Rotate. You want the Flip Vertical option, click on that. The picture will turn upside down and you can do the left side and top of your picture. When you are done click on Image, Flip/Rotate, and Flip Vertical again. The last thing you do is save your picture.

How To Put Your Own Background on Your Profile Page

Click on Settings at the top of the Twitter page then click on Design. You can pick one of Twitter's backgrounds by clicking on "Select a theme" or you can put one of your own pictures on for a background by clicking on "Change background image". You can also change the background colors.

How To Pick People To Follow on Twitter

It is really cool how you look for people to follow on Twitter. Click on "Find People" at the top of the Twitter page. You then click on "Find on Twitter" and then you can put in any word or name you want in the search box. If you have an interest, put that word in. If you want to search for a celebrity or TV program, put the name in. You can choose who you want to follow. You can put in words like "free" or "websites". It will bring up lots of people to follow. Just click on the "follow" button.

How To Make a Free Blogs and Websites

I have a website where I give over 400 free blogs and websites away for free. All you have to do is copy and paste them to your computer. Have your own Google ads on your blog or website and donations buttons, just like this page has. I offer a forum for people who will be trying to make a blog or website of their own to ask questions. I also have a tutorial website that offers great computer tips such as how to turn a regular PC computer into a wireless computer so every computer in your home can go wireless. There are a lot of neat tips I offer. I also have a website about the Florida Keys and SeaWorld. Want to see some pictures of people petting dolphins, go to my SeaWorld website, I have some great pictures! Be sure and come back to see the other websites I will be adding in the future.

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